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7 Unusual Things that will keep your Garden blooming forever.

Healthy soil, just like healthy people, requires a balanced combination of elements. Each of those elements has a key role in the various processes of your plant. For example, iron serves as the ignition for the plants to produce chlorophyll and is crucial for photosynthesis.
Here are number of rather unusual things that are known to improve the health of soil and make it nutrient rich.

1.Water from boiling eggs
Using the water from boiling eggs may be unusual. All you need to do is reserve the water used after boiling eggs – when the eggs boil, calcium leaches into the water, making excellent feed for your plants. Make sure you let it cool completely before using.
2.Oyster shells
If you happen to live in a coastal-area where there are lots of oysters, you can crush the shells to make a slow-release fertilizer to keep the soil healthy. Just use a rolling pin to crush them up, making the pieces as small as possible. They contain calcium-carbonate which helps make the soil more alkaline, so you’ll want to use it around plants that thrive in alkaline-soil.
Research has found that when water containing aspirin was sprayed onto seeds sown directly in the ground, there was 100 percent seed germination.
To use it, simply add 2 aspirins to 2-gallons of water. Pour it into a spray-bottle and then spray your plants every three weeks. it not only helps to boost the immune-system of your plants , but it can stimulate flowering.

You can make good use of the shells too, as they’re also loaded with calcium. Placing crushed-eggshells in soil that’s around your tomato plants can help prevent blossom-end rot. Sprinkle them around the base of plants to help keep those pesky snails and slugs away, and add them to your compost bin, as their lime content helps to reduce acidity
Banana peels are great for putting to use in your garden soil as they make one of the best fertilizers around, as they’re high in calcium, phosphorus, and potassium, as well as a host of other minerals, that are essential to the soil’s health.
Chop them up, throw them into your compost-pile or add them directly to the soil, burying them anywhere from just beneath the surface, up to four inches down.

You’ll need to save your used tea bags, and make sure they’re made from paper, silk or muslin as bags made up of polypropylene won’t decompose. You can still use them, but you’d have to throw out the actual bag and save the damp tea leaves. Not only can you compost tea bags as fertilizer in the compost-bin, but you can dig loose leaf teas and compostable tea bags around your plants.

7.Coffee grounds.
The grounds contain a large amount of nitrogen and can help your plants grow faster, whether it’s tomatoes or grass. They also contain potassium and phosphorus, which means the grounds offer all three of the essential ingredients for fertilizer.

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