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A diverse scientific, social and political video sharing
community that addresses local and global environmental issues

We advocate the sustainable management of resources and
stewardship of the environment through peaceful changes in
public policy and individual behaviour

Environoego recognises that humanity is a participant not an
enemy of ecosystems. Our ideas are centred on ecology health
education human and animal rights and the protection of endangered species.

We are friends of the environment citizens of the earth
who question the perceived wisdom of unsustainable economic growth
We can believe in a free market
and respect the rights of the individual to create wealth
but not in an all-consuming monster that is neither principled nor ethical
and serves only itself

We are not fanatics or extremists
we are free thinkers and fair minded agents of change
that seek to raise environmental awareness
open new dialogues engage in discussions and stimulate debate

We aim to influence popular opinion with well-reasoned discourse
we stand for common sense and non-violent protest
our ultimate goal is to protect the planet
from the worst of mankind’s excess

Together we are not powerless
we are an irresistible force

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