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CHAUPADI: Banished for Bleeding (Full Movie)

CHAUPADI: Banished for Bleeding
Chaupadi is a Nepalese practice that marginalises and banishes girls and women to cowsheds during their monthly menstruation. The ‘banished’ are exposed to predators both animal and human and suffer the consequences of inclement weather. In this short documentary we see two young women and how they have dealt with Chaupadi and witness one woman’s passion and activism to abolish the practice.

Breaking the Cycle, is a visual document that explores globally, through a series of webisodes the rituals, cultural traditions and taboos around menstruation.
The menstrual cycle is an experience universally common to girls and women across cultures and continents and yet the experience of embracing it as a natural part of womanhood depends on the society in which their pubertal development unfolds. Age, race, geography, or social status has no effect on the basic functions of the menstrual cycle; but economics, health and knowledge do.

Post Series: Nepal
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