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G7 AGREE GLOBAL CORPORATE TAX EXPLAINED // G7 Agree Global Corporate Tax, will it stop Tax Havens?

G7 AGREE GLOBAL CORPORATE TAX EXPLAINED…Rishi Sunak has announced the G7 group of wealthy nations have signed a landmark deal to tackle tax abuses by some of the world’s biggest multinationals and establish a minimum global corporation tax for the first time. Biden’s Global Corporate Tax Proposal is gaining traction. The G7 Finance Ministers are set to discuss it at the end of this week…The G-7 does not have formal power over the final agreement, which is expected to be laid out by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development but its countries are set to represent an important entity in ongoing negotiations. In this video we’ll explore why the US is pushing for this Global Corporate Tax, what the global corporate tax entails and what effects the global corporate tax could have in future. ? Follow us on our other channels to develop your commercial awareness daily: LinkedIn:… Instagram: Telegram: Facebook page: Twitter:

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