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Here’s What Happens To Your Recycling | One Small Step | NowThis

We followed the recycling process from the bins to the plant to understand where our recycling actually goes.
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75% of our waste is recyclable but Americans only recycle 34% of what we throw out. Only 50% of New York City’s recyclables are being recyclable. One way to crack down on this is reduce using plastic straws and use reusable bags instead of plastic bags. Remember, if it’s a hard plastic, throw it in the recyclable bin.

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What happens to everything we use after we throw it away? How does our trash impact the environment and contribute to things like pollution and climate change? From plastics and recycling to food waste and composting – we’re breaking down the issue of waste and sustainability piece by piece to answer one of the most important questions facing the world today: How do we save our planet?

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