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How Much Plastic Do You Eat? #OurBluePlanet | Earth Lab

If you eat seafood are you eating plastic? Greg Foot visits Exeter University to find out what evidence there is of plastics winding up inside marine species found on menus and in supermarkets #OurBluePlanet. Subscribe to Earth Lab for more fascinating science videos –

For more information on this fascinating science check out the following links from the University of Exeter:

Plastics, plankton and poo:
Do zooplankton eat plastics?:
Marine microplastics:
Marine plastic debris talk by Professor Tamara Galloway (Warning: Contains images some viewers may find distressing):

This video was made as part of #OurBluePlanet, a digital partnership between BBC Earth and Alucia Productions that aims to get people talking about our oceans. Join the conversation over on Twitter @OurBluePlanet.

We must apologise as there is a spelling mistake which was spotted after the video was uploaded and set live on YouTube. At 8:50 it should read as contaminant.

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