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How To Reduce Our Waste: Food vs Fashion | Melissa Hemsley

Melissa Hemsley (@melissa.hemsley), best-selling author, cook and co-founder of Hemsley and Hemsley, shows us how to make carrot soup using less-than-perfect ingredients. Food waste is increasingly becoming part of our everyday conversations but can we apply the same principles to our fashion habits?

This film is one in a series of short and informative HOW-TO videos that narrate a range of revolutionary fashion skills. From mending holes ✂, to eliminating waste ♻️, to using your voice as an activist 📣, these personal stories offer bits of wisdom from everyday citizens.

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🎥 @beatrixblaise

Presenter: Melissa Mesley
Director and Editor: Beatrix Blaise
Camera: Joshua Donaldson

Post Series: United Kingdom
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