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Is there hope for conservation? | James Borrell | TEDxQMUL

James Borrell is a conservation biologist with a passion for challenging research expeditions. He founded the social enterprise Discover Conservation and is a member of the Inspired50.

James’ research has taken him from the Peruvian Amazon to the High Arctic studying everything from critically endangered big cats, to tiny dragonflies and even dwarf trees. Even having visited remote parts of the tropics, James describes the hardest working environment as a bleak hillside in the Scottish Highlands with ‘typical’ Scottish weather. James’ particular interest is the genetics of endangered species and exploring how we can engage young people with conservation through citizen science and fieldwork.

Despite all the bad news we are bombarded with daily about the state of our natural world, James is stubbornly optimistic and is convinced we are beginning to turn the corner. It is this message of optimism that James will aim to share in his talk.

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