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Life in the Whale Jail

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Ever since their captures in the spring/summer of 2018, these calves have been trapped in these tiny, cramped, sea pens. The majority of the orcas have skin damage from wounds or the water conditions. The belugas, however, are starting to show signs of fungal infections. One sea pen is full of small, chubby, grey calves; indicating they are very young and likely weren’t even weaned at the time of capture.

Ever since drone footage was released, Russian animal activists have been fighting to save the calves in Whale Jail. The captures of these animals were most likely not done legally, which means the calves have a high chance of being released. The poachers are also not able to sell them to Chinese facilities, as previously intended.

The orcas have already been chipped, indicating they will most likely be released. There is little word on the belugas, but I hope they will all be set free as their own super pod consisting of the calves and juveniles.

Footage from:

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