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London Undercover – Knife Crime: An Epidemic on London’s Streets

Knife crime is an epidemic sweeping our capital. There seems to be no escape from the headlines in newspapers reminding us of the victims of these attacks has claimed.

Knives are being used for robberies, violent domestic abuse and more recently, terror attacks. According to the Evening Standard, since 2016, knife crime in London has risen by 24 per cent with over 12,000 offenses recorded with hundreds more going unreported.

Its numbers have been rising over the past few years and it has reached a perfect storm with London’s communities feeling helpless and out of control. Why is it happening and what can be done?

In this episode of London Undercover, our reporter, Bethel Tesfaye, investigates how knife crime has impacted Londoners and our communities. We speak to families, victims, survivors and the Government.

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