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Luminate Festival – Eco Documentary

Luminate Festival – Eco Documentary 2012.

Luminate’s eco documentary features interviews from festival organisers, musicians, presenters and performers, plus music and highlights from the previous two years, providing an insight into environmental initiatives and the motivation behind Luminate Festival.

Luminate is a music, arts and cultural festival based in Golden Bay, New Zealand.

Featured music in the doco includes Adham Shaikh (Canada), Beats Antique (USA), Chimuka (NZ), Emeralds and Greenstone (NZ), Jamie Janover (USA), Oka (Australia) and Pacific Curls (NZ).

Earth-friendly strategies are fundamental to Luminate and permeate all strands of the festival, from composting toilets, organic food, building with natural & recycled materials, to waste minimisation and re-using resources.

“We realized that festivals and seasonal gatherings have always played an important role in building creative, resilient, self-reliant communities. So we felt that organizing a music, arts and cultural festival, with an added focus on sharing skills and knowledge, and environmental sustainability, would be a good medium for inspiring positive change.” jules harper, director.

Luminate is now in its sixth year, and the family-friendly festival has become one of the event highlights of the New Zealand summer in the Nelson-Tasman district.

“There are so many eco-initiatives at Luminate, it has proved impossible to fit them all into a short 8 minute film, and the best way to embrace these ideas is to attend the festival, which serves as a living workshop with solutions on how to live more sustainably. We would like to make a longer feature documentary on more aspects of the festival. However this short doco is a good opportunity to convey some of the strategies that we believe can make a difference to how we look after our environment.” rita davies, director.

Check out the Luminate Festival website for more information, and more great photos and videos

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