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Minimalist/Zero Waste House Tour (Family Of 4 + 2 Dogs)

Minimalist/Zero Waste House Tour (Family of 4 + 2 Dogs)

Welcome to our home! Side Note: Our home is a rental. We do not own it! haha This has been a highly requested video, and I have finally made it for you! We try to be as zero-waste friendly as possible, and though we do have plastic in our home, we try our best- it is hard to have autoimmune diseases, live frugally, AND be zero waste on top of that- but we don’t let that stop us, and we try our best!

We try to buy everything we need second hand and local. I have several autoimmune diseases so some things we have no choice but to buy in plastic, such as pasta (though we tend to eat a whole foods vegan diet, so pasta doesn’t get eaten often). We do make many of the things we use from scratch, but a few things we buy because it’s just easier to- we make our own almond milk, vanilla extract, deodorant, and toothpaste, BUT we do buy things like tempeh and sunscreen (we have thankfully found a local tempeh supplier). We are completely vegan. We buy cruelty free. We only buy what we think is necessary, so we live pretty minimally. We are constantly getting rid of things we no longer need. I buy ahead, and buy second hand clothes and shoes for the kids. I’ve also been able to find some pretty amazing deals on second hand kids toys. Though we live minimally, I think we have plenty!

Also wanted to add, we do shop deals and clearance- so the things we do need we try to find at lower prices and stock up on when we find a deal. Things like xylitol rinse for the kids we consider a necessity, so when we find a deal on it we buy a few bottles- despite it being in plastic.

I think everyone should do the best they can. Baby steps. Do what is right for you and your family. Recycling is a key part of what we do, we try to buy things in glass and tin, and we freeze produce so that we cut down on plastic bags.

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