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Mooncup – A Zero Waste Time-of-the-Month | Kate Arnell

I LOVE my Mooncup. There. I said it. It means I can have a comfortable, zero waste period and stops me spending money every month on disposable sanitary items. I rave about it to almost everyone I meet and even gave one to fellow YouTuber Theodora Lee! And guess what? She’s a menstrual cup convert too!

(I asked Mooncup to send me one for free to use as a prop in this video which they very kindly did… I already own two but figured a fresh one would look a bit nicer on screen… this is my demo Mooncup)

I wash mine with Dr Bronner’s baby mild un-fragranced castile soap and then boil it for 10 mins in a pan of water with bicarbonate/baking soda.

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