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My Side Hustle; Co-Founder, Beauty Banks. Like foodbanks but with hygiene & personal care items

In February 2018 me and my great friend (and journalist/author/broadcaster) Sali Hughes set up Beauty Banks after becoming aware of the horrific term ‘Hygiene Poverty’ – where people can’t afford to be clean.

Beauty Banks is like foodbanks but with personal care and toiletries instead. We supply unused items like shampoo, bodywash, toothpaste and deodorant to foodbanks, homeless charities, youth centres, NHS trusts and domestic abuse charities for them to pass onto their guests. Sadly Beauty Banks has been a big success because of the demand. 14.2m people live in poverty in the UK. That’s 1-in-5 and a third of those are children. I filmed this video at Facebook HQ which tells you everything you need to know about BB.

If you want to get involved please find out how on our Instagram…

Thanks so much! Jo

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