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The Netherlands and United States: Tackling Climate and Energy Challenges through Innovation

Protecting our climate and developing renewable energy sources are global challenges.The Netherlands-United States partnership makes innovative green solutions an economic opportunity. Dutch expertise in green building benefits both our countries through energy-neutral houses, green buildings, healthier work and living spaces, and sustainable technology.

Dutch wind parks produce energy for more than 225,000 homes. Together we are making wind power more reliable and accessible, with Dutch and American experts designing quieter and more efficient wind turbines.

The Netherlands and United States are developing new solar energy technology to power homes and businesses That’s part of why the Netherlands has the 6th largest number of renewable energy patents in the world.

Farmers in California use energy-efficient Dutch greenhouses that produce more food with less water less space and fewer pesticides. Energy-efficient transportation will define the 21st century, from one million electric cars on Dutch roads by 2025, To millions of bicycles. 30 percent of trips shorter than 5 miles in the Netherlands are by bike. And Dutch-American ventures promote bike use and safety in America.

Cutting edge renewable technologies

Harnessing natural resources

Protecting our climate

And turning sustainability into economic growth

Through the Netherlands-United States partnership

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