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Operation Nemesis: The Ocean Warrior Arrives in Australia

Sea Shepherd Australia’s Managing Director, Jeff Hansen, visits the Southern Operations Base in Melbourne to welcome Sea Shepherd Global’s newest vessel, the Ocean Warrior, and oversee final preparations for Operation Nemesis, our 11th whale defense campaign in the Southern Ocean.

“Because of Sea Shepherd’s success over the years, defending the whales and the oceans around the world, there is a perception out there that we’re a large organisation with lots of funding, however nothing can be further from the truth. We’re a handful of staff globally, coordinating volunteers and campaigns all over the world’s oceans. We cannot operate without the people that support us in the funding and now more so than ever we really help in raising the funds to get the Ocean Warrior and Steve Irwin ready to go down to Antarctica and defend the whales once more in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.” – Jeff Hansen


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