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UK: Activists protest Petroleum Group’s annual dinner at natural history museum

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Activists from the group ‘Extinction Rebellion’ staged a sit-in in front of London’s Natural History Museum on Thursday, to oppose the Museum in its decision to host the annual dinner of the Petroleum Group of the Geological Society.

Activists, who demand that the Museum stop endorsing oil extraction companies, rallied outside the building to hold a picnic protest, chanting slogans and drumming.

“I’ve been coming to the Natural History Museum for my birthday every year of my life and I couldn’t be more disgusted by what’s going on in there today. It’s unbelievable. You’re supposed to be looking after our natural history, and you’re helping destroy the planet,” said one of the demonstrators.

Dinner hosts were received by heavy protests when they approached the museum’s entrance, but the rally remained largely peaceful.

According to the Geological Society’s website, the Petroleum Group is “is the Geological Society’s specialist group dedicated to petroleum exploration and production… and is run by a committee drawing on participants from industry and academia.”

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