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Why Do We Still Test Cosmetics on Animals?

Cosmetic companies need to test that their products are safe before selling them to consumers, but is animal testing the best way?
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Should We Trust Studies On Mice? ?
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Cosmetics Industry and Animal Testing…
“The announcement that PETA UK has accused nine leading cosmetics brands of breaking European law by selling products tested on animals for the Chinese market is very disturbing, if not surprising.”

Math, not skin, may be a better way to help researchers test consumer products, study shows…
“Researchers at the University of Cincinnati (UC) James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy are presenting collaborative research on the use of mathematical methods for understanding the transportation of chemical compounds in biological tissues, like the skin.”

US Researchers Defend Animal Testing…
“The subject may be unpalatable, but animal research has improved the quality of human life. Researchers have defended animal testing, pointing out that it would be unethical not to do it. Treatments for diseases such as diabetes and polio were made possible through animal research. Animals are currently being used in hepatitis-, HIV- and stem cell-related research, among others.”

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