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Why You Should Turn Your Lawn Into a Food Garden | One Small Step | NowThis

Americans use roughly 7 billion gallons of water a day to irrigate lawns making lawns the single largest irrigated crop in the country. What if instead of well-kept grass, we used our time and resources to fill our lawns with fruit and vegetables?
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The perfect lawn is an American past time. We love our lawns so much that they take up more than 63,000 square miles in the U.S., which is roughly the size of Florida! We water, we fertilize, we renovate, working tirelessly to ensure our lawns are well-kept monocultures.

But what if we used those resources to grow food gardens instead? Filling our front lawns with food is nothing new. During WWI and WWII, Americans grew Victory Gardens (which just meant growing their own fruits and veggies on their front lawns) as part of the war effort–eventually, there were an estimated 20 million Victory Gardens in the U.S. producing 40% of all the fresh produce consumed in the country.

Growing your own fruits and vegetables can help fight climate change by reducing your carbon footprint because with a garden in your yard, zero gas needs to be burned transporting the food to your plate. Not to mention a little extra green space in cities can reduce overall temperatures and capture lots of rain water which could help reduce flooding.

On this episode of One Small Step, Lucy is traveling to Florida to learn more about converting our lawns into more sustainable food gardens

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