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Species conservation starts at home | Carlos Drews | TEDxEcoleHôtelièreLausanne

The animal world is a planet full of mystery, however we share one planet earth and all of our actions have an impact on them. How better to understand our relationship with animals other than by bringing in someone who has spent his career studying and observing them? Dr. Carlos Drews will help us to understand the influence that we have on golden toaps or how our life can change thanks to Frodo, a young male chimpanzee.

Dr. Carlos Drews is the current Director of the WWF’s Global Species Program. He is Columbian and German, but currently resides in Nyon, Switzerland.

Dr. Drews has a Ph.D. in Zoology from Cambridge University and has carried out research into wildlife and behavioral ecology in Africa and Latin America. Before joining WWF in 2003, he was on the academic staff at the International Institute for Wildlife Conservation and Management, based at the National University of Costa Rica.

He started up WWF´s marine work in Latin America and stayed on the project until 2009. This work included the conservation of marine turtles, whales and dolphins, fisheries, and marine habitats.

Dr Drew’s publications address animal behavior, attitudes and practices toward nature in Central America, the economics of marine turtle consumption and conservation, and how we can adapt to climate change.

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