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What is a Pangolin? – The Pangolin: No Time to REST

A 3rd year Television Production documentary from the University of Westminster.

Pangolins are currently the most trafficked mammal in the world, despite their lesser known existence. In the documentary we meet Honeybun, a Cape Pangolin, who calls REST (Rare and Endangered Species Trust) home. Through this journey we discover what she means for her dwindling species as well as the work REST does for Namibia’s wildlife.

Briony Jones – Producer
Rebecca Gordon – Director
Jennifer Joyce – Digital Producer
Jasmine Leftley – Editor / Sound
Charli May- Director of Photography

A special thanks to Maria, Lorena and Steven.

For further information about REST check out:
REST facebook page-
Website –

This documentary is protected under the copyright of The University of Westminster.

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Post Series: Namibia
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