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The Definitive Guide to B Corp’s

How can you use business as a force of Good? Join CJ as she interviews Ryan Honeyman, author of “The B Corp Handbook”, to find out the who, what, where, when and how to becoming a B-Corp.


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********Video Show Summary********************************
0:39 What is a B Corp?
1:35 What is the difference between B Corp and Benefit Corporation?
3:50 What is difference between a regular corporation and Benefit corporation?
9:11 What are benefits for being a B Corp? What can you expect with respect to the B Corp community?
14:16 Why are Millennials attracted to B Corps?
17:27 What are some disadvantages of being a B Corp?
17:57 What are the audits that B Lab does? What are B Impact Assessment (
19:26 How did B Lab come up with the criteria for B Impact Assessment?
22:24 How does B Lab validate results entered into the B Impact Assessment?
25:04 Who are ideal candidates for B Corp? Size of company? Size of Revenue? Start-up’s or more established companies.
28:08 Why B Impact Assessment is a really helpful tool to track performance?
30:16 What are time/ money costs in implementing this program?
33:32 What are 3 sacred values you would have to hold dear to be a B Corp?
39:07 Can any company be a B Corp?
41:47 How would you use The B Corp Handbook in your process?
42:44 What are the criteria you need in order to be a B Corp? (workers, environment, community, long-term, good for the core)
47:10 How much time does it take to execute the overall plan?

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