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Bolivia: Armadillos, parrots and other animals treated at shelter after Amazon fires

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An armadillo with vision problems and a small colourful parrot are some of the animals affected by the fires in the Amazon rainforest that are being treated at a shelter located in Aguas Calientes, as footage filmed on Wednesday shows.

Cecilia Dorado, one of the veterinarians at the shelter, feeds the animals with syringes and tries to heal their wounds; after they were affected by the flames and smoke caused by the fires that recently occurred in the region, famous for its biodiversity.

Groups of volunteers have organised themselves to participate in assistance efforts after the fires broke out in the area.

Bolivian police authorities have revealed that at least some of the fires were caused intentionally, as gasoline bottles and burned tires were found in the vicinity.

According to Bolivian President Evo Morales, in recent days the outbreaks of fire have been reduced from 8,000 to 162.

Think this should be good; changed an instance of area to vicinity purely to avoid two consecutive paras ending “in the area.”

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