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Inside The World’s Cleanest Power Plant – In China | Coming Clean About Green | CNA Insider

China is notorious for its air pollution, but it also boasts the world’s cleanest, most efficient power plant in Shanghai. And it does so by burning the dirtiest of all fossil fuels – coal. Can one really turn coal ‘clean’?

More about the truth behind China’s green technologies like solar power and electric vehicles on the series Coming Clean About Green:


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About the series:
Our planet is in trouble. Ice caps are melting, islands are drowning, and our weather is out of whack.

But there also appears to be many ways to save it. From cycling to recycling, ditching plastic to embracing electric. In our fight against climate change, we have produced more innovative solutions than ever.

But how much can they help?

Follow host Alex Yue as he travels across Asia to uncover the reality of green solutions – from sustainable fishing in Thailand, to clean coal in China.

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