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Hold the Line Episode 3: What future will we have if our natural resources are gone?

The Cerrado is a huge ecosystem in Brazil, encompassing 25% of the country’s landscape. It is a wildlife-rich savannah where many freshwater springs are born. But the region is being killed by the agribusiness. Half of the Cerrado’s natural vegetation has already been destroyed to make way for soya and cattle farms. This destruction affects not only the region’s biodiversity, but also the communities who live there and depend on a healthy ecosystem.

Is it worth killing the Cerrado ecosystem for the sake of the agribusiness development? Who benefits from this so-called development? What future will we have if our natural resources are gone? These are a few of the questions this 3-episode documentary web-series raises.

For the past two years, Greenpeace Brazil has been in the Cerrado to document and show the beauty of the region and what the traditional communities who live there have to face with the devastating rush of the agribusiness.

One million species are risking extinction and people all over the world are already experiencing the effects of the climate crisis. We can’t allow more forest destruction. Join the movement to demand companies stop deforestation and restore forests:

Photo: Silvestre Silva
Video: Fernanda Ligabue
Editing: Felipe Carrelli

Alan Azevedo
Luana Lila
Rosana Villar

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