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How to Bring Wilderness Back to Britain | Rewilding UK

In the past, the UK was full of wilderness. It was home to brown bears, lynx and wolves, all of which are now extinct in the country. ↠Subscribe:… Instead, around 70% of the UK’s land area is currently used for agriculture, which has decimated large parts of the ecosystem. Is the UK’s land area being used effectively? And, on an island so overpopulated by humans, might it be possible for a huge rewilding movement to restore those lost ecosystems? We follow rewilding initiatives across the UK to learn how various approaches to rewilding the British Isles work, and find out whether there could soon be wolves in the Scottish Highlands again… Thanks for watching and, while you’re here, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and sign up for alerts to be the first to hear about other important conservation topics!

#terramatters Rewilding initiatives in this video: Wilder Blean The Wilder Blean project made possible through a partnership a between Kent Wildlife Trust and the Wildwood Trust and thanks to funds raised by players of People’s Postcode Lottery looks to introduce bison to a woodland in Kent.

Links:…… Support this project by Texting WILDERBLEAN to 70470 to give £5 now Woodland Valley Farm Woodland Valley Farm footage all courtesy of Nina Constable Media. (@ninaconstablemedia) – Website: – Youtube Channel:…

To find out more about this project please visit the following websites: – Cornwall Wildlife Trust… – Cornwall Beaver Project… – Woodland Valley Farm -Beavers without borders: Alladale Wilderness Reserve Find out more: – Alladale Website ? Sources & Quotes: 1: UK Agriculture Statistics. Time: 00:56 GOV.UK, 2019… 2: Agricultural Land Abandonment. Time: 01:24 EU Science Hub, 2018… 3: Types of Rewilding. Time: 01:45 True Nature Foundation, 2020… 4: Woodland Valley Farm. Time: 03:12 Cornwall Wildlife Trust, 2021… 5: Wilder Blean. Time: 04.10 Kent Wildlife Trust, 2021… 6: UK Rewilding Project Overviews. Time: 04:40 Rewilding Britain, 2021… 7: Yellowstone Rewilding TED Talk. Time: 04.50 George Monbiot, 2013… How wolves change rivers 8: Trophic Cascade Infographic. Time 05.52 Earth Justice, 2021… 9: Alladale Wilderness Reserve. Time: 06.04 Natural Habitat Adventures, 2019… Yosemite National Park

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